October 2023 Issue (# 31)



October Issue 

 This September, we're setting off on a magical journey to discover the secrets behind the movies! It's not just about the stars on the screen; it's about the stars behind the camera. Turn Page 28 now!

And guess what? Our fun-loving friend, Donkey Dan, got to chat with a real movie star! He met Asil Moussa, an incredible actor and director, and they talked all about the fun and challenges of making movies. Their giggles await you on Page 10!

That's not all! Get cozy on Page 16 as we share a heartwarming folk tale from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Pack your bags, because on Page 40, we're setting sail to the beautiful landscapes of Denmark!

So, grab your popcorn and your explorer's hat, Atlasians. A world of magic, tales, and wonder awaits!..

Watch the Trailer Below the Cover Image!

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