June 23 Issue (# 27)


June Issue 

 In this issue, we journey into the world of these enormous
creations of Allah. We will discover the strength of the Goliath
Beetle, the length of the Chinese Giant Salamander, the height
of the Giraffe, and the might of the African Elephant. We will
even dive deep to uncover the mysteries of the Colossal Squid
and the gigantic yet gentle Blue Whale.
But there's more! Do you prefer the bustling life of the city or
the tranquility of nature? Go to Page 14 and find out now! We
will also learn about the 7 Sunnah of entering and leaving
places, providing us valuable lessons on respecting others’
spaces. And for our little chefs out there, we have a delightful
treat! Try out our yummy Blueberry Lemon Muffin recipe on
Page 20.
So, buckle up, young explorers! This issue is packed
with knowledge, fun, and the amazing creations of
Allah that might just make you lifelong lovers of
our beautiful natural world. Ready to start this aweinspiring

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