Aug 2023 Issue (# 29)



August Issue 

 This August, we're going on a journey to explore this amazing
night sky! On Page 32, you'll learn how to find cool shapes in
the stars, known as constellations, and track the changes of
the moon. There's the Big Dipper, which looks like a giant soup
spoon, and the Little Dipper that follows it. You might even find
a hidden giraffe in the stars, known as Camelopardalis!

We also have a special chat with Mohammad Mubeen, a super
talented man who takes beautiful photos of the night sky.
You'll be amazed at how he captures the stars and planets. Go
to Page 10 now!

In this issue's fun quiz, you'll discover which cosmic character
fits you best, and doodle your dream destinations on Funlasia
pages! Plus, you'll read a special folk tale from Pakistan. And
yes, we've also prepared a fun and useful checklist, inspired by
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to help you get ready for school.

So, grab your gear, Atlasians. It's time to explore!.

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