May 2024 Issue (# 38)



May Issue 

As always, this issue is packed with stories and activities that spark curiosity and imagination! Join our newest friend, Amaze Moo, as he experiences hilarious adventures and mishaps on Page 26. Follow Donkey Dan’s steps as he learns about the story of Darius, a flight instructor sharing his sky-high adventures.

For our fellow artists, we've got something special! On Funlasia pages, we're diving into the world of music and creativity, inviting you to design your very own Spotify screen and album cover. Tap the melodies that move your soul!

As we journey through the micro to the macro, from the unseen microbial world to the expansive sky, this issue of Atlasia celebrates the vast and varied landscapes of wonder and discovery. Join us to explore the mysteries, adventures, and creative expressions that make our world a wondrous place.

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